PM10-50 Polymer Soil Stabilizer


DeltaGreen®, LLC is a leading developer and distributor of high-tech, environmentally-safe soil stabilization products.  DeltaGreen® is in a strategic partnership with PM10, Inc., a leading fugitive dust specialist.  PM10, Inc. provides dust control solutions for heavy construction, land development, power plants, agriculture and mining, county roads and shoulders, industrial utility yards, and wind and solar farms.  Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality products and customer service.  We deliver on this promise by continuing to invest in research and development of the latest environmentally-safe technologies available.

We have environmental and chemical experts on staff  with years of experience in dust control to help solve the most complex dust and soil stabilization issues.  One call and our specialistswill work diligently to solve the problem.

We can work with you to solve problems of Dust Control, Soil Stabilization, Road-base Stabilization, and Hydro-seed Erosion Control.  Our PM10 products are long-lasting; plus, they are quickly and easily applied.


PM10-50-Polymer Soil Stabilizer Label


DeltaGreen® PM10-50 Polymer Soil Stabilizer

Fugitive dust generated by vehicular traffic on unpaved roads leads to road deterioration, sediment run-off, impact on health and the environmental, and ultimately to higher expenses.

PM10-50 - Polymer Soil Stabilizer is engineered to efficiently and safely alleviate fugitive dust from unpaved roads and to reduce costs in the long run.

Recommended Application Procedure for DeltaGreen® PM10-50

PM10-50 is sold in a concentrated form that is diluted with water prior to application.  The dilution ratio depends on the soil type, traffic flow and other environmental factors.  Some soil types require only a one-time heavy application while others require several light applications.  Our experts can recommend both the appropriate concentration and the optimal application method given your specific situation.















Why is Dust Control Necessary?

The escape of dust particles from travelled roadways leads inevitably to erosion and deterioration of the surface.  However, the escape of dust particles into the workplace atmosphere is equally undesirable.  Excessive dust emissions can cause both health and industrial problems, including the following: